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Face mask - 50 pcs

Product: disposable face mask (no brand)

Use: public, non medical

Packaging: 50 pcs (10 in gripbag)

Prescription: Dutch

Purchase price: € 0,50 per mask

Sales price: between € 1,- and € 3,50 per mask
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This mouth mask is a high-quality 3-layer disposable mouth mask. The mouth masks are made of soft and supple non-woven fabrics with a high wearing comfort, non-sterile, lint-free and skin-friendly. The material used ensures free breathing with optimal filter performance. The mask has a long, integrated nose piece, which provides even more comfort. The soft elastic bands, with which you attach the mask behind the ears, are comfortable and make the mask easy to attach and wear.

Unique Buying Points:
- 3-layer disposable mouth mask (Non-Sterile)
- filtration efficiency:> 95%
- soft, smooth non-woven fabrics
- high wearing comfort, lint-free and skin-friendly
- for free breathing and optimal filter performance
- long, integrated nose piece for extra comfort
- soft elastic bands for easy and comfortable attachment behind the ears
- comply with EN14683 with CE certification